This is Stable Table. 

Stable Table is a must for all of you who ride with flat bars (with no bar ends). As you will know, when you upturn your bike for any type of maintenace or to store it, it's very unstable and usually falls over.

This is were Stable Table comes in. Just upturn your bike and sit your bar grips into the upstands of Stable Table and look, it's super stable!

Stable Table is great for your workshop for when you carry out any maintenace or to put in the back of the car for popping in your wheels before your epic ride.

If you want to take it out on the trails, it's possible, but look out for trees on that swooping single track, as it's a little large. So what we have done is make some trail friendly little fellas called Steady Eddies, they will let you enjoy that there swooping single track, beaut.