MTB-Slick Strip;

Your out on some fab trails on your mountain bike. Powering up the climbs and flying down the technical descents. Of which some are so steep or tricky, that you want to drop your seat, to give you more freedom over your bike. So before you descend you drop your seat and you pick your line, lets do it! You've cleared it with no dabs. You can't smile wide enough. Ooh, again, again!!

You raise your seat again and set off, but straight away you notice your seat height isn't right. You stop, reset it and set off again, hopefully its right this time. It's only a little thing, but you just wanna ride.

Fit a Slick Strip and straight away this issue is sorted. It works in all conditions and weighs next to nowt. Even if you remove your seat to get your stead into the car, it works then.

Slick Strip is ideal for all UK off road riding, or if you are off on your jollies to a hilly place for a pedal, then Slick Strip is ya boy!



Slick Strip is made of a material similar to velcro, but Slick Strip will stick to it's self. It is held in place top and bottom with velcro type tie-wraps. It is easy to fit and is very durable. It works time after time in the worst of conditions.

One size fits all.

Does not fit the 'I' beam type posts.

Fitting instructions for Slick Strip.