The Rope Rat 

 The Rope Rat is let loose, becareful, it may bite !!

The Rope Rat. This was the original design of the rat, that has now become the King Rope Rat. 

The Rope Rat is a decent bit of kit, but it is not as flexible in its uses as the King Rope Rat. However, it works well in all conditions and is great for the caver who just uses one foot in their footloop to prusik up the SRT rope.

The main benifit of The Rope Rat is to stop the SRT rope bunching up between your hand jammer and your chest croll. It is fitted by being threaded through your footloop rope, so it is always there ready to be used. When in use It works when you put your weight into your footloop. This causes a twisting action of The Rope Rat which in turn locks the SRT rope, making it taut and allows your chest croll to slide up the now, taut SRT rope.

When you raise your hand jammer there is no weight applied, so The Rope Rat slides freely up the SRT rope. 

It is ideal in tight spaces with lots of re-belay points.

The Rope Rat is made of alloy which is hard anodised and PTFE coated. There are no moving parts to fail, it is simplisity itself. 

 Seconds later, The Rope Rat is rigged, ready and dangerous !!