King Rope Rat 

             King Rope Rat is out of the packet,

 steady now !! 

King Rope Rat. Now, here is a real royal product. Born out of the deepest, darkest holes in the UK and overseas.

King Rope Rat is an exciting new caving product that is an aid for ascending an SRT rope. When fitted it improves your ascending technique, your efficiencey and your posture. It is suitable for beginners/experienced cavers or rope access personal.

King Rope Rat fits easily to your footloop rope and is fully adjustable. You can use either foot or both feet and swap over mid-rope, without any adjustment or hassle.

It also stops the SRT rope bunching up between your hand jammer and your chest croll, not a bad piece of kit, hey? It's also made in Sheffield, which is nice.


rigged and ready to go!

 Within no time at all, King Rope Rat  is rigged and ready to go!!

How to fit King Rope Rat